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Dental Implants: Aftercare and Diet

Getting dental implants can be an involved surgical process, especially if you are replacing most or all of your teeth. Like most surgeries, the recovery process that follows can affect the quality of your results. While dental implants are placed, most people experience the majority of their discomfort during the placement of the implant itself. […]

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5 Signs You Have Gum Disease

When you think of good oral health, most people imagine bright pearly white teeth, strong pink gums, and fresh breath. A mouth that looks good and smells healthy is the result of excellent oral hygiene and a healthy diet. When a good oral hygiene routine is not maintained, problems begin to arise and can result […]

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Why Are Implants Better Than Dentures for Missing Teeth?

Nobody wants to have missing teeth. Losing one or more teeth is slightly embarrassing at best and prevents you from getting a job at worst. Most people turn to bridges or dentures to correct missing teeth. If you have lost a significant number of teeth, dentures might seem like the most convenient way to restore […]

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