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Crown lengthening is a dental procedure that enhances the appearance of the smile or aids in preparation for dental restorations. This procedure surgically manipulates and removes a portion of gum tissue to expose more of the tooth surface.

Why Is Crown Lengthening Performed?

Crown lengthening is performed to reverse a gummy smile or to prepare the tooth for a crown or bridge.

Crown lengthening improves the aesthetics of a gummy smile. A gummy smile occurs when your gums cover a larger area of tooth surface than usual, making your teeth look shorter than they are. Crown lengthening removes a portion of the gum tissue and bone on one or more teeth to enhance aesthetics.

Crown lengthening is also performed to prepare a tooth for a crown or bridge following a root canal or other restoration. Sometimes, the natural tooth breaks or cracks to the gum line. When this occurs, the tooth does not always have sufficient strength to support the crown or bridge. This procedure exposes a larger amount of the natural tooth surface so that the restoration has more of the tooth to connect to.

How Is Crown Lengthening Performed?

Crown lengthening is performed under local anesthesia and usually takes around one hour, depending on the number of teeth involved. Small incisions are made to separate the gums from the tooth in question. A piece of the gum is removed to expose more of the surface.

Even if only one tooth needs adjustment, the neighboring teeth may be adjusted to maintain balanced aesthetics. Following the removal of the excess gum, the incisions will be cleaned with sterile saline water and sutured in the proper position.

How Much Does Crown Lengthening Cost?

The cost of your crown lengthening will depend on the number of teeth needing correction and the amount of correction required per tooth. Insurance may cover a portion of the procedure if it is performed for functional reasons. Patients should contact their provider to see if they are covered for crown lengthening. Dr. Salamati and his team will provide you with an accurate cost estimate during your consultation.

What Should You Expect After Your Crown Lengthening Treatment?

Dr. Salamati will cover your gums and sutures with a protective bandage to sterilize the area and help protect the new gum-to-tooth ratio. These bandages will be removed soon after the procedure, and you can return to your normal activities and regular diet. Does not make sense.

You should not brush the area during the first 24 hours, and afterward, be sure to only apply gentle pressure on the tops and sides of the tooth (avoiding the gum line). Any excess force to the area can increase or prolong bleeding.

You should focus on a soft diet immediately following the procedure and avoid any hot food for the first day. Discomfort can be lessened with over-the-counter pain medications and ice packs.

Dr. Salamati will provide you a list of dos and don’ts following your treatment. You will return for a follow-up appointment one to two weeks after the procedure. The surgical sites can take up to six to eight weeks to heal completely. Your teeth will appear longer following your crown lengthening treatment.

Would You Like to Learn More?

If you are interested in learning more about crown lengthening to correct a cosmetic concern or to prepare a tooth for a restorative crown, contact Dr. Salamati by calling 310.275.1090 or by filling out our online contact form. Dr. Salamati offers general and cosmetic dental services for patients in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area.

What Else Does Dr. Salamati Offer?

Dr. Salamati is a periodontist that offers both general and cosmetic dentistry services. Some of these services include: