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What Our Patients Are Saying

We welcome our patients’ feedback. Here’s what some of our patients have said:

a REAL dentist
My old primary dentist whom I’ve been seeing since i was 10, Dr. Andrew Kim, told me my gums were receding and that i couldnt do anything about it, but continue to floss/brush my teeth. My friend recommending me to see Dr. Salamati who gave me a second opinion and told me my gums weren’t receding, I had a deep cleaning and he fixed a problem in my molar which caused gum irritation and my teeth and gums were back to normal and looked amazing. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Salamati. He truly knows what he is doing and is very passionate about his work, plus he has better technology than my old dentist;)
— by Rina Varughese May 18th, 2011

Very Caring Doctor
Dr. Salamati is an excellent doctor. He truly cares about his patients
— by Heidi March 31st, 2011